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African Fashion


 Africans fashion is as fascinating a subject as anything African. The way we have dressed from antiquity to now have not been properly documented. How Africans invented locks, combs, royal crowns and jewelry is not comment knowledge. How pageantry and glamour have spread to southern Europe from ancient Nubians and the mores that occupied for 1000 years


Africans have used nature at its prime to dress and have mastered the manipulations of metals and gems (Ashanti, Nubians, Ancient Egyptians, Zulus, Ndebele, Toucouleur and Berbers to create sparks and fire inside the kingdoms bedrooms .African Man and Women fashion, royal and tribal wears at their best from antiquity to now could be the subject of 100 of books podcast and radio shows. As Africa develops furiously, an educated middle class will demand quality and skillful fashion designers will have to deliver quality products that will strongly impact how Africa’s richest and hopefully all Africans dress at home, at work and for fun.

 The pioneers that have been blazing a modern trail of African fashion inside and out of the continent are   especially when they stay true to their African roots. We salute the ones that could truly focus on African fashion without conflating fashion with gender issues or the agenda of certain forces that utilize urban fashion to sale a value system where man in particular deviate from their divine creation and purpose,  Manhood.

 By showcasing the outrageous hair show, the African fashion industry, history, current state and trends we are hoping to leave the visitor with a strong desire to consume African fashion and support the industry around the world.We want people to understand the keys players, understand the challenges of staying authentically African in the middle of a cultural warfare aiming at exploiting the creativity of Africans, copying their fashions ingenuities without giving them their rightful place.

 Today many black people are lacking the African fashion conscientiousness that could boost the fashion economy and protect artist from china dumping policies that have already devastated many small fashion business  in Africa.Self-esteem, race identity, ethnic pride, lifestyle, cultural expressions need to affect positively the branding and marketing of African fashion. We hope the desire to make huge money deals with retail companies and distributors and the fear of being called too ethnic does not phase the creativity of young fashion designers that need also to focus on their local market to remain relevant and authentically African.

The Knowing Africa Project is trying to create a comprehensive blueprint of fashion in the continent with an emphasis on the best that we have to offer to ourselves.














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