DJ Chark Jersey Ways To Take Africa From 3rd Up To 1st World

Ways To Take Africa From 3rd Up To 1st World

The gap between industrialized countries and developing countries is still too big. New and more appropriate strategies have to be re-thought in order to take today’s third-world countries to first-world conditions.

Africa is one of the most debated continents where the level of development is still insufficient to cover the entire process and need of the local population. Of course, there are certain countries like Kenya that are performing very well – in consequence of foreign investments that have been placed on local industries. But it’s still true that most African countries are struggling to fight against hunger and lack of resources.

What Is Necessary To Do?

In order to upgrade a country’s economical activity and role in the world it’s essential to focus on these main points:

  • Education, the more people are educated, the faster the entire country can go through modernization
  • Income growth, workers and employees should receive a higher wage so they can become consumers and give the local economy a spin forward
  • Social security, the government should assure people a good level of social safety and public order
  • Political stability is another main factor which impacts the timing of a country’s development

The bottom line is that all these strategies require appropriate financing. As mentioned above, Kenya is stepping forward on the way to progress and development basically thanks to foreign investors (from China) who intended to buy Kenyan industries and companies, for example the aviation company.

What Can Small Investors Do In The Meanwhile?

There are many ways even small investors can make their difference in the financial environment and, in particular, in the development of African countries.

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